Features Include

  • Detection up to 600 meters per zone
  • Up to 3 meter accuracy
  • Intelligent sensor processing minimizes false alarms created by environmental challenges
  • Accuracy probability of 95%+
  • Calibration and optimization capability via remote management software
  • Integration with third party software
  • Audible Alarm

Comprehensive Perimeter Security

By monitoring the minute flexing of its sensor cable, Aventura’s PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) detects and locates intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fencing material. High-speed analytic sampling ensures that the PIDS processor captures an accurate picture of the fence signal minimizing false alarms.

Aventura’s PIDS is the latest generation ranging fence-mounted sensor. It detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise. Advanced Digital Signal Processing enables the PIDS to adapt to a wide variety of fence types. Aventura’s PIDS builds upon our 16 plus years of perimeter security experience to deliver a sensor that is simple to install, supports remote configuration and alarm reporting, and works reliably in the most harsh environments.

Aventura’s PIDS differentiates between point disturbances caused by real intrusions and spatially distributed environmental disturbances like wind and rain. Unlike a block sensor, where all events are aggregated together along the entire zone length (including ones caused by distributed environmental conditions), Aventura’s PIDS divides the events into precise, localized areas, thus maximizing the probability of detection while reducing nuisance alarms.