• High detection accuracy: within 10ft [3m]
  • No moving parts, solid state electronics
  • Adjustable setting for each sensor
  • Two separate detection vectors
  • Can be used for any type of perimeter fence: mesh, welded or wall
  • Can be used on solid structure: roofs, metal constructions or telecommunication towers
  • Can be used indoor: interior walls, safe rooms, cash machines or vending machines

Part Numbers

 iPIDS-SF fence mounted sensor
 iPIDS-SW wall mounted sensor



Basic Parameters
Number of detection vectors 2
Angle between vectors 90°
Detection method peak detection
Minimum sensitivity ±0.02 g per axis
Maximum sensitivity ±2 g per axis
Connectors 5 pin connectors
Communication type RS-485 half duplex
Data rate 9600/8-N-1
Cable 22/2STP [2x2x0.5mm] (two shielded twisted pairs, 22AWG)
Cross talk 40dB
Operating voltage 8-13.8 Vdc
Power consumption 10mA
Operating temperature -22°F to 158°F [-30°C to 75°C]
Storage temperature -22°F to 158°F [-30°C to 75°C]
Humidity up to 99%
Physical characteristics
Size 0.787″(Ø) x 2″(L)

20mm(Ø) x 50mm(L)